An end-to-end premium boating experience is here. Our curated boating options, professional crews, and unending luxury, you will find the best side of Lagos with us, and you will never want to go back to driving through the city again.


The Lagos Boats Experience

01. Pre Cruise

Search, Book and Pay for a Boat

Booking a trip or cruise on the Lagos Boats Platform is super easy! Look through our listings of boats, experiences, trips and beach getaways, select an activity of your choice, schedule the date and time, include expected guests and confirm booking by paying online. Take trips between Victoria Island popular beaches arond the Lagos waterways in 3 easy steps.

02. Plan

Get all you need ready

A good way to ensure that you enjoy your trip or cruise with us, is to adequately plan before the day of your boat trip. Ensure you have a guests list to keep a track of the number of passengers you will be having on the boat with you and take the time to do some shopping for your refreshments. We have put together a guide to help you organize a boat cruise or party. Download

03. At the Marina

Arrive Early and Ready

Arrive at our Marina at least 15mins before the start time for your cruise to allow enough time for safety procedures, boarding and briefing. After a personal welcome by the Lagos Boats Crew, you will be led to the boat where you will board, be offered complimentary bottles of water for hydration and given access to the entertainment systems on board the boat.

04. On Your Cruise

Have Fun & Capture the Moments

Play your music at reasonable levels, network with friends and like-minded people, enjoy the selection of your cocktails, canapes and other snacks. If you need anything through out your trip / cruise, please ask our crew on board for assistance. Take as many pictures as possible during your cruise. For your safety on board, keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.

05. Rate Us and Share

Lets hear from you!

Now that you have completed this experience of luxury, remember to check through the boat that you have all your personal belogings before leaving. You can visit our Google Business Listing to give a rating and share a review of your trip. Remember to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, Share your pictures and videos on social media and tag us - and get featured on our pages.