Planning a Romantic Boat Cruise in Lagos

Olamide Alaba

25 July 2019

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Nothing screams r-o-m-a-n-t-i-c like a boat cruise around the city of Lagos with that person you love the most. If you have any special celebrations such as an anniversary, birthday or a simple just because I love you celebration coming up soon? Then being together on a boat cruise with a view of the city of Lagos is the ultimate relaxation, fun, adventure and pampering that you need.
Let’s help you make it a memorable one with these tips we’ll be sharing with you.

Book a Boat - What’s a boat cruise without a boat? No cruise of course! So the first step to planning a romantic boat cruise is to book a boat. Ensure to book a boat with a premium experience and unending luxury just like what we offer, you don’t want your partner to feel unsafe. You can check out our super amazing love birds package- 1 hour boat cruise plus professional photography to capture the beautiful moments.

Book a Fine Dining Experience- Make arrangements to enjoy an evening of fine dining and spectacular views of Lagos city on a dinner cruise while you watch the sunset. And if you’re planning a daytime cruise, sailing foods are very important. If you’re celebrating an anniversary eating lunch or dinner alone on a boat cruise will give you an opportunity to reflect, relax and enjoy each others company. Whatever you do, don’t go on a cruise without food.

Book a Special Treatment- Plan a surprise for your loved one, nothing makes anyone happier than being surprised. If your lover is a lover of music you could plan a surprise serenade and be sure to see their faces light up with so much happiness. A spa treatment on a boat cruise will also be fantastic and relaxing.

Plan an Onboard Gaming Activities- If you planned the boat cruise as a way to take a break from the Lagos' hassles, an onboard game isn’t a bad idea. You know your partner and the kind of gaming activities they love, so plan in line with their interest at heart so it doesn’t go from being a romantic gesture to being absolutely boring.

Take Pictures- The only thing better than being on the romantic cruise experience, is to actually relive the moments you shared so many times over by capturing the excitements, the laughters and beauty of the experience with your partner.

Just Relax and Have Fun- The whole point of planning a romantic boat cruise is to have fun with your partner! So relax,. Unwind and have fun! And ensure to keep the alcohol consumption on a minimum. If you intend to end the cruise on a beach, you can book a stay at our Camp Spiff luxury beach house in Ilashe.

You don’t want to start the cruise in a rush! Best way to enjoy the cruise is to start it with a slow vibe. Arrive at the port at least 15 minutes before the take off time to ensure everything is just as you planned and enough time for briefings on safety procedures.

So there you go! The amazing starter pack on how to plan a romantic boat cruise in the beautiful city of Lagos. If you plan to make special bookings, ensure to discuss with a crew member.